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Trade Risk Guaranty is an industry’s expert in U.S. importing solutions located in Bozeman Montana 59715

Customs Bond, Shipping Insurance, Direct Filing, HTS Solutions from TRG



Tyler Zaichkin

National Sales & Marketing Manager

P: (406) 922-6520

Travis Smith

District Sales Manager

P: (406) 922-6526

Sophie Mumford

District Sales Manager

P: (406) 922-6517

Gary McGowan

Lead Development Manager

P: (406) 922-6509

Craig Sward

Lead Development Manager

P: (406) 922-6631

Page Fossum

Lead Development Manager

P: (406) 922-6558

Brenda Solberg

Account Executive

P: (406) 922-6630

Don Powell

Account Executive

P: (406) 922-6623

Johnny Certo

Account Executive

P: (406) 922-6554

Rob Fust

Account Executive

P: (406) 922-6538

Dusty Bakwin

Account Representative

P: (406) 922-6625

Austin Collins

Account Representative

P: (406) 922-6628

Ryan Early

Account Representative

P: (406) 922-6521

Forrest Bagley

Account Representative

P: (406) 922-6516

Rich Ockford

Account Representative

P: (406) 922-6544

Micky Knox

Client Loyalty Specialist

P: (406) 922-6536

Sofia Costa

Client Loyalty Specialist

P: (406) 922-6512

Crystal Hannah

Client Loyalty Specialist

P: (406) 922-6535


Client Experience & Administration

Colette Lang

Client Experience Team Manager

P: (406) 922-6529

Brianne Schaefer

Client Experience Supervisor, Bond Department

P: (406) 922-6555

Lynda Keller

Client Experience Specialist

P: (406) 922-6518

Luke Nelson

Client Experience Specialist

P: (406) 922-6629

Evan Caldwell

Client Experience Specialist

P: (406) 922-6514

Felicia Donohoue

Senior Cargo Insurance Specialist

P: (406) 922-6626

Rebekah Mohr

Senior Cargo Insurance Specialist

P: (406) 922-6513


Underwriting & Claims

Josh Froberg

National Underwriting & Claims Manager

P: (406) 922-6527

Jaron Anderson

National UW & Claims Asst Manager

P: (406) 922-6510

John Parris

Underwriting & Claims Assistant

P: (406) 922-6620

Elizabeth Swanson

Bond Claims Specialist

P: (406) 922-6627

Jay Dana

Underwriting & Claims Assistant

P: (406) 922-6550

Benjamin Ohman

Junior Underwriter

P: (406) 922-6503

Rachel Finucane

Bond Claims Assistant

P: (406) 922-6545

Kevin Havemeier

Junior Underwriter

P: (406) 922-6541



Katie Swanson


P: (406) 922-6523

Mark Kolar

Accounting Assistant

P: (406) 922-6553


Human Resources

Geneva Wild

HR Manager

P: (406) 922-6621


IT / Marketing

Robert Leet

IT Director

P: (406) 922-6537

Neeraj Gurdasani

Assistant Director of Programming

P: (406) 922-6549

Ryan Crichton

Network Administrator

P: (406) 922-6638

Nick Esposito

Marketing Specialist

P: (406) 922-6622

Meredith Lambert

Marketing Specialist

P: (406) 922-6556



John Michel


Laura Michel

Vice President, Operations

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Trade Risk Guaranty (TRG) Brokerage Services LLC is a licensed insurance agency, having agency agreements with Hanover Insurance Company of Worcester, Massachusetts and Hudson Insurance Company of New York, New York, both of which are insurance companies approved by the Department of the U.S. Treasury to issue U.S. Customs bonds.

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